CBN Satellite Network (paramount network kids)[edit | edit source]

1977-1987[edit | edit source]

CBN Satellite Network Logo.png

CBN Cable Network (Freeform)[edit | edit source]

1987-1988[edit | edit source]

CBN Cable Network Logo.jpg

The CBN Family Channel[edit | edit source]

1988-1989-1990[edit | edit source]

The CBN Family Channel Logo.jpg

The Family Channel (Freeform)[edit | edit source]

1990-1996[edit | edit source]

The Family Channel Logo.png

Fox Family[edit | edit source]

1997(Pre-Launched)[edit | edit source]

Fox Family Prelaunch Logo.png

1997-2000[edit | edit source]

Fox Family 2nd Logo.png

2000-2001 and 2021[edit | edit source]

Fox Family logo.png

ABC Family[edit | edit source]

2001-2003[edit | edit source]

ABC Family 2001 Logo.png

In November 2001 after Fox Kids Worldwide Was taken over by The Walt Disney Company the channel was renamed ABC Family and for the first two years under Disney ownership, it used a modified version of Fox Family's previous logo with the ABC Circle logo replacing the sideways Fox logo.

2003-Present[edit | edit source]

ABC Family 3rd Logo.png

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