FunTV 2nd Logo
Launched July 1, 2013,
(as Noggin 2)
October 1, 2014
(as FunTV)
June 1, 2015 (as Spike)
Owned by McField Broadcasting System

(The Nelvana Company)

Picture format 1080i (HDTV)

(HD feed downgraded to letterboxed 480i for SDTVs)

Slogan Not reality funuality
Country United States
Broadcast area National
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia
Formerly called Noggin (2013-2014)
Sister channel(s) TNN

FunTV ( formerly  Noggin 2) is an American Youtube Channel that is owned by the Torch Lady Media division of The Nelvana Company. FunTV's programming  consists of Edited videos and Comedy skiches and pranks and Fashion (which FunTV refers to as "funuality" television).


As Noggin 2Edit

Noggin 2 launched on July 1, 2013, originally only available to three million subscribers. Originally owned By Noggin Corporation

The channel originally featured spill overs from then sister channel Noggin as it was geting popular.

Later on in 2013 due to the colser of Noggin. Noggin 2 was sold to Up and coming company The Nelvana Company. And the channel drifted away with add its own limted Original Series.

Relaunch as FunTVEdit

On October 12, 2014, Noggin 2 was relaunched as FunTV, changing the focus of the network to feature Edited Videos Comedy Skiches and pranks and Fashion programming.


On March 6 , 2014 FunTV is doing a poll on weather or not it should be renamed to spike. The Reason for the partenal rename is for the youtube channel could refocus as a General entertainment youtube channel. but still matain a fun format if it gets over 100% Then FunTV will be renamed to Spike on June 1 to colladed with the season 5 premer of Disneyland.

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