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Noggin 2


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iCarly Victorious Channel


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FunTV Logo

Following the premiere of Random! TV iCarly Victorious Channel was Rebranded as FunTV With a focus on Fun.


FunTV 2nd Logo

On January 1st 2015 FunTV Will adopt a new logo and a new slogan veryfunny This new look emphasized Fun TV's focus on Fun.



Spike Logo

On March 6 , 2015 FunTV Will do a poll on weather or not it should be rebranded into Spike. the reason for a pathernal name change is so that the youtube channel could refocus its self as a general entertainment youtube channel. If it gets up to 100% then it will be renamed to Spike on June 1 , 2015.


2015 (Unused)


In 2015 iCarly Victorious Channel will rebrand as TVGN With its format changed to more of a pop culture. TVGN Will aslo adop a branding Stargey called Color Of Pop. which different colors of the logo will be used depending on what the show is to give it more of a Pop. But this was abanded for undeturmend reason. Insted the channel was rebranded as FunTV

Color Of Pop

  • Purple-Synic Shows
  • Orange-Logo Effect (2014-Present)
  • Yellow/Light Blue-106 & Music
  • Red-Disneyland
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