NAT[edit | edit source]

1923 (Pre-Launched)[edit | edit source]

Capture 2019-07-17 11.52.28.jpg

The logo is made in February 1923. It has a globe and the name of network in green.

1926 (Unused)[edit | edit source]


This was made on Winter 1926.

This was supposed to be the logo. It has a cartoon rainbow caterpillar on a leaf of a flower. Is only on NAT logomotion by Tangella Streets Pilcher.

1926-1952 (Launched)[edit | edit source]

NAT Butterfly.png

When the network was launched in spring 1926, This was the logo.

It had a cartoon rainbow butterfly holding the network name.

The hands were circles.

1952-1976[edit | edit source]


In summer 1952, The logo needed a change. There's no face on the butterfly,

And the rainbow color pattern has been changed. There's white lines through each color.

1976-1979[edit | edit source]


This is the same NBC and Nebraska ETV logo but with the colors changed.

1979-1987[edit | edit source]


In 1979, the logo got updated, with an atom shape.

1987-1987[edit | edit source]


1987-1996[edit | edit source]

NAT Print.png

This was NAT's letters by getting sticked.

1996-2001[edit | edit source]

NAT Ball.png

In fall 1996, The logo was updated again. It had a shaded sphere and a abbreviation of the network name.

2001-2011[edit | edit source]


The network name abbreviation was brought again from the last logo, but blue with lines.

2011-present[edit | edit source]


Canal N ( France )[edit | edit source]

2011-present[edit | edit source]


Jacob's (Australia)[edit | edit source]


Jacobs 2001 150 years version.png

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