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NAT (abbreviated from North American's Television) is the north america's broadcasting network.


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They made a pre-lauched logo. This logo is made in February 1923. It has a blue and yellow globe and the green network name called "North American's Television". But on-screen, It has no colors. They also got North American's Radio.


NAT Butterfly.png

When the network was officialy launched in March 1926, They finally made the official logo.

This logo is a cartoon rainbow mascot butterfly holding the pink network name still called "North American's Television".

This rainbow color pattern is red to pink on both sides.



In summer 1952, The logo needed a change. There's no face on the butterfly, And orange, purple and pink is removed and the light blue is replaced to dark blue.

Also this rainbow color pattern has been changed and kinda looks like Microsoft Windows. There's White Lines through Each Color.



Now the logo is a Big N like NBC, National Flim Company and Nebraska ETV. This Logo has the colors Yellow and Green (and the network name is now changed to "NAT" instead of "North American's Television" (but they still called it North American's Television).



In September 1979, The Logo Is Changed. It Had a Rainbow Atom Shape. It's also matches the color with the butterfly logo in 1926.




NAT Print.png

Now N A and T is Sticked together and on-screen is green and This logo looks like NET but without a globe.


NAT Ball.png

In fall 1996, The logo was changed for the 6th time. This logo has a shaded sphere and also this network name is now lowercase. This shaded sphere is called "The Magic Ball". They also got a website called "".



The network name keeps and remove the ball this network name change blue and cutted with lines.



This Logo haves 7 shapes. This Font is Natty MT. It Matches the Color with 1979 and 1926

2021-Present (115 Years)[]

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On April 15, 2021. This is a mashup by using 1979 and 2011. It used the logo on YouTube.== Other ==

North American's Television/Other

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